What We've Done

We provide coaching solutions that are pragmatic, realistic and focus on what will work. We keep the organisation’s goals clearly in focus and help our clients to develop their own strategies for achieving their goals. To give you an idea of the type of work we’ve done, here are a few examples:

Managing relationships

We delivered a global, Insights-based development program for 200 junior managers in an international banking organisation to help them develop and understand their own personal “brand”. Our programme enabled them to understand their own personal style, develop a better understanding of their impact on other people and develop strategies for managing their own personal image and reputation within the organisation.

Motivating talented people

We have been working with a global professional services organisation for over 20 years. We work with junior and middle managers to help them make the transition from expert accountant to effective people managers. We have delivered a variety of programmes ranging from understanding your own management and leadership style through to specific management skills workshops.

Team effectiveness

We are helping a large charitable organisation go through major change that involves an increased focus on local decision making. The restructuring has resulted in lots of new teams coming together with people in new roles and with new responsibilities. Our Insights-based programmes focus on helping teams align individuals with appropriate team roles and understanding and managing team dynamics in a rapidly changing environment.

Leadership coaching

We worked with the executive team of a medium sized import/export business to help them manage the integration of new Board members following the sale of this family owned business. We facilitated workshops focusing on new business strategy as well as providing personal coaching for key members of the leadership team. Individual Board members were provided with Insights Discovery profiles and a programme of one to one coaching to help them maximise their personal effectiveness.

We have worked with…