Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery™ Model

Insights Discovery™ is a preference-based system with its foundations in the work of Carl Jung. Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, Discovery is one of the most effective developmental tools on the market.

As its entry point, the Insights Discovery™ learning system identifies four colour-energies – Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red – and presents these on a wheel called the Insights Discovery™ Wheel.

Each of us uses these colour energies to varying degrees, though it is the unique ordering of the energies that will shape our personal style, and it will be our preference for one colour energy that will indicate our dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.

Which One Are You?

Knowing which is most like you and least like you enables you to identify where you sit on the Insights wheel.

But what does this mean when it comes to working with others and how does this effect the way you fit into a team?

Look at the 4 colour cards below. Which colour card describes you best? Which one is least like you?

The Insights Discovery Wheel


Click on the colour which describes you best to begin.

Cool Blue

Fiery Red

Earth Green

Sunshine Yellow